Wildlife and Biodiversity

Nicaragua has Central America’s largest expanse of remaining forest within 78 nature reserves and national parks. The Caribbean seaboard in general, is home to many of the country’s 96 rivers and numerous lagoons. The Nicaraguan Caribbean is punctuated with countless keys and islands many of which are located within the virgin Cayos Miskitos natural reserve. Both coasts have hundreds of kilometers of beaches.

Rainforest in Nicaragua covers more than 20,000 km², particularly on the Atlantic lowlands. As well as the Bosawás Biosphere Reserve (in the north) there is the Indio Maíz Biological Reserve (in the south), which protects 2,500 km² of the Atlantic Rainforest.

These two areas are very rich in biodiversity. There are 5 species of felines, including jaguar and cougar; 3 species of primates, spider monkey, howler monkey and capuchin monkey; 1 species of tapir, called Danto by the Nicaraguans; 3 species of anteaters and many more.