Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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About us

Northward Nicaragua Tours is only resource for fully customized memorable adventure and sport travel in Nicaragua.

We strongly believe that discovering our beautiful and diverse country is only possible by understanding our client’s preferences. That’s why we don’t propose predefined tour offers but develop trip proposals based on your favorite vacation activities.

We aim to create high customer satisfaction through customized tours that show you, in an ecologically responsible manner, the most beautiful and untrammeled places of Nicaragua. To maintain sustainable practices, we focus on small-group excursions. We avoid the destinations of large tourist groups and, therefore, provide our clients with the natural solitude and ethnic authenticity of the locations we visit.

Our experienced, English-speaking tour leaders embody an extensive knowledge of Nicaragua and an earnest desire to show the world its beauty. We hire native guides, drivers, boat operators, and hosts to give you the assurance that our revenues directly benefit local economies and, at the same time, to add an intimate and connected feeling to your adventure. Our commitment to protecting natural resources while improving human communities fosters a grassroots dedication to environmental conservation.

Alvaro Rodriguez

Alvaro Rodriguez is the owner and founder of Northward Nicaragua Tours. He is a native born Nicaraguan who is both a visionary and an explorer yet embodies the cultural spirit of his country. He is an outstanding mountain guide who has trekked and climbed throughout the country and acquired his knowledge through extensive biological, historical, and cultural studies. With the solid background of first aid and survival techniques, he’s the number one adventure travel guide in Nicaragua.

Our Staff

With international tourism standards, we are ready to show you our beautiful country!

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