Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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Roads in the Pacific basin are quite good by Latin American standards and along the Pan-American highway from Managua south all the way to the Costa Rican border they are excellent. The roads north of Leon and in the mountains are paved, but normally in poor condition. The roads along the Pacific coast consist of mostly dirt trails and in the entire eastern part of the country the roads are dirt ranging in condition from passable to horrible. Travel to outlying regions is best done in domestic airplanes which are inexpensive and reliable. Travel in much of the country is done in motorboat through the many lakes, lagoons, rivers and two oceans. Distances between population centers and major attractions on the Pacific side are small and travel time minimal. Public buses are hot and crowded. Rental cars are available but driving is not recommended for visitors unfamiliar with driving styles in Latin America. Taxis are cheap and recommended for city travel. Northward Nicaragua Tours uses 4x4 cars, boat and air transfers.