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Wednesday, April 25, 2018
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A natural and uncompromised beauty.

Nicaragua allows you to live a fascinating experience of adventure and personal contact with nature. Amazing volcanoes, rain and cloud forest with abundant and varied plant and wildlife, lagoons, and picturesque towns are all waiting for you.

Nicaragua is one of the countries with a natural beauty that is thankfully still uncompromised. The rich biodiversity and its 76 protected areas make it a great destination for eco-tourism. Bosawas Biosphere Reserve, covering 700,000 hectares, is the largest nature reserve. Nicaragua is home to numerous species including 6,500 vascular plants, 43 fish, 3,716 mollusk, 50 coral, 62 amphibians, 172 reptile, 676 bird, 251 mammal and 10 to 15 thousand insects.



A visit to the Bosawas Biosphere is your chance to see one of the most unexplored rain forests in the world.

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Pacific Northwest Coast

Spectacular volcanoes, unexplored mountains, and pristine Pacific beaches.

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Northern highlands

Mountainous area with beautiful forests, superb views, and interesting coffee plantations.

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